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Fern Cohen

Fern Cohen

Speech Pathologist


Billy Reynolds Jr. Building
6605 W. Broad Street, Suite C
Richmond, Virginia 23230

(804) 662-9185 - clinical
(804) 662-5300 - academic

“I love the 'detective' aspect of assessing each neurodegenerative patient -- determining why their communication and swallowing problems exist -- and developing ways to keep each patient as functional as possible for as long as possible.”


M.Ed. in Speech Pathology, University of Virginia

B.A., Speech Pathology and Audiology, Mary Washington University

Professional certifications and licenses

  • Virginia state license in Speech Pathology

Professional affiliations

  • Member, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
  • Member, Speech and Hearing Association of Virginia

Recent achievements

From 1973 – 2004, I was a staff speech pathologist at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Richmond, working closely with the Neurology Service, in providing communication and swallowing evaluations and therapy for patients with neurodegenerative disorders and strokes. I participated in the development of an aspiration protocol for acute stroke patients, as well as development of a protocol for assessing patients for and the purchasing of appropriate speech generating devices.  The last four years I have been evaluating and treating patients for communication and swallowing disorders at several long term care facilities in the Richmond area.


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